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Nomado’s training group is coached by Michael “Boothy” Booth to become the best SUP and surf ski paddler you can be.

I saw a post on Instagram from Michael that talked about his coaching program. It had a positive message and an energetic vibe which I was diggin’. So, I headed over to BOOTH Training to check it out. My initial reaction was that he was genuinely interested in helping people, not just elite athletes, to reach their personal goals.

- Yahnny Adolfo San Luis

Michael Booth analysing the Forward Stroke during a clinic in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: ©Republic of Nomado

What are the benefits?

  • Weekly squad training with coach feedback on Final Surge

  • Live Q&A every other Thursday at 6.00 CET with Coach Michael Booth

  • Invitiation to participate in Nomado races and events

  • Invitation to the Facebook group page to access special news and events for athletes only

  • Video analysis - squad price at 500 SEK

  • 15% off Epic wing paddles

  • 15% off Starboard paddles

To access these benefits, Nomado Squad membership is 950 SEK per month with a 3-month initial commitment required. It takes about 3 months for training to be accessed accordingly to benefit the unique training needs of each athlete.

Elevate your winning mindset.

Nomado x BOOTH clinic in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: ©Republic of Nomado

Who is the Nomado Athlete?

The Nomado Athlete not only enjoys stayin’ salty from the sweat of training and racing but also from adventuring and playing. The salt life is a unified effort to push physical and mental boundaries - to strive higher, farther, do better in life, and be part of something bigger than ourselves. 

As part of the Nomado Squad in Sweden, we join a growing family of athletes located in :

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Canary Islands, Denmark, England, Germany, Greece, Hawai'i, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, USA

  • 20% elite

  • 40% elite masters between the ages of 40-60

  • 40% beginner - intermediate paddlers

Stayin’ salty is a way of life.

Nomado x BOOTH clinic in Lomma, Sweden. Photo: ©Republic of Nomado

Why do we want the best for you?

For over 20 years, Nomado has been working with world champion paddling coaches, olympians, and elite athletes because we understand the absolute importance of training effectively and efficiently to achieve your goals by avoiding rookie mistakes, injuries, and bad habits. 

As soon as I learned how to ride a bike, I wanted to take it to the next level. So, I rode that bike into the forest before mountain biking existed and played until the wheels literally rolled off! The years passed and I found myself absorbing stories of historic expeditions, extreme biking and skiing...extreme sports in general. Again, I was pushing limits with tricks before hot dog skiing was even a thing. They were quite possibly my most stupid and death-defying stunts but I loved being at the brink of danger. Who knew that this would lead to my service with the Swedish Special Forces? But after such a serious part of my life, I continued to play. This is what it's all about - playing and not taking yourself too seriously. You can work hard and play hard. This is what I enjoy about watersports. Every day and hour-to-hour, the water and wind create a different adventure. In order to handle every condition, you need skills that will help to enjoy the activity. I built boards for windsurfing to handle different conditions and years later I introduced surf skis to Sweden because I wanted a watercraft that could go faster in any condition as long as you had the skills to handle it. For this reason, I chose to work with the best and I want this tradition of best-in-class to continue.

- Erik Wallgren, Founder of Nomado

 Nu kör vi! - Let's Roll!

With an impressive list of achievements, there is no doubt that Boothy’s training plans speak for themselves:

  • 2 x Carolina Cup Champion 18/19

  • 2 x World Champion ISA Distance Race 16/18

  • ICF World Distance Race Champion 19

  • ICF SUP World Cup Germany Champion 19

  • 3 x Australian Champion Distance Race 15/17/18

  • 3 x European SUP Tour Champion 17/18/19

  • APP World Tour Distance Series Champion 19

  • APP World Tour Event Champion Osaka & Paris 19

  • APP World Series 2nd Overall 2018

  • APP World Series #1 Champion London 2018

  • Australian Ocean Ski Series Champion 14/15

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an elite athlete, it takes heart and discipline to achieve your personal goals. 

We can get you there.

In all my training plans I use my 15 years of training and racing experience to help you achieve your own paddling goals. I’ve been at the elite level in SUP, Ocean Ski and many other paddlesports. I’ve coached myself to become Australian, European and World SUP Champion and represented my country in 4 sports.

- Michael Booth