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Around Häradskär Paddle Race

Around Häradskär Paddle Race is a fascinating 20 km paddle race off the east coast of Sweden on the Baltic Sea. Mark your calendars for Saturday, 18 June 2022!

A Special Race

What makes this race special is that the race course is up to you! As long as you circumnavigate Häradskär, the outermost island with a spectacular lighthouse, you can choose any route you want - a more protected route between the islands or a route over open water. It is up to you to choose the fastest route, taking into consideration the wind direction, waves, visibility, and your own ability.

The course is up to you!

There is room for tactics!

Blue line – Shortest route, 19 km.
Red line – Alternative route protected from wind from the north, 20 km.
Purple line – Alternative route protected from wind from the south, 21 km.

Watercraft Classes

  • Kayak 

  • Kayak Double 

  • Surfski

  • Surfski Double

  • SUP 12'6

  • SUP 14'


The race start and finish is located at KustCamp Ekön. From the cliffs and pebble beach you can watch the paddlers heading out and coming back.