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Full Moon Paddle

Three archipelagos under the full moon — Arkösund, Sankt Anna and Gryt that comprise over 6,000 islands.


Start: August 21, 20.00, Arkösund
Dinner: 23.00 - 00.30
Breakfast: 05.00-06.30
Finish: August 22, 08.30-09.30, Ekön
Total distance: 45-50 km
Hours of paddling: 9-10 hours

The start is on a sandy beach in Arkösund where we will pack our watercrafts. We will head out while the sun sets and paddle south through nature reserves and bird protection areas that are only accessible this time of the year.

After 3 hours of paddling, we will stop for a midnight dinner. We will have time to prepare our own meals, enjoy, and chat before the next 2.5 hours of paddling to Harstena where we will have a 20-minute stop to stretch our legs and use the public toilets.

The next 1.5 hours of paddling will take us to the island Gubbö Kupa. From the top, you will have an astonishing view of the archipelago while the sun is rising. We will have our breakfast on the top while watching the sunrise.

The last part of our long paddle will be in daylight and will follow a band of beautiful islands all the way to Ekön where we will conclude our journey.

Paddling and Navigation

Any watercraft that can be paddled is welcomed. However, we recommend a sea kayak or surf ski as the best choices. This is a long paddle throughout the night which can be more tiring. You may also experience that your balance will be slightly off. We may have wind and waves against us. But usually the August nights are typically calm with no or little wind. 

Navigation will be provided by our guide. However, we recommend that you bring your own map. It is fun to keep track of where we are and will improve navigation skills while being guided. 

During the paddle, we will keep the group together for safety and better communication.

Our average speed will be 6 km/h meaning that we will go slower or faster whenever possible. 

Our routine will be to paddle for 50 minutes and stop for 5-10 minutes to drink and snack.

Every second hour we will come ashore for toilet needs. Bring toilet paper and a bag to take everything back with you. Please do not leave any inorganic items behind. 

Food and Clothes

Bring everything you want to drink and eat. On our midnight stop, we will have time to prepare hot food. 

During the paddle, it is recommended to have water and snacks that will be easily accessible. A thermos with hot tea or coffee is also nice to have. 

On our 2 longer stops, Nomado will make coffee for everyone and treat you with buns and cookies.

The summer nights can be chilly. Bring a warm jacket for our long stops. A hat, gloves, and an extra layer is nice to have easily in reach during the paddle.

Transportation is not included. However, we can organize transportation by request.

250 SEK