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BOOTH Training Stand Up Paddling Clinics 2022

We are proud to have Michael join us for a second year! Michael Booth has coached athletes from all over the world to World Championship podiums, winning their local events and smashing their personal bests. He is an APP World Tour Distance Series Champion, 4X World Distance Race Champion, 3X Australian Champion and 3X European Tour Champion.


September 2 – Malmö, Half Day Clinic, 12.00 - 18.00
249€ / person

September 3 – Falkenberg, Half Day Clinic, 12.00 - 18.00
249€ / person

September 4 – Stockholm, Forward Stroke Technique Clinic, 13.00 - 15.00
99€ / person

September 4 – Stockholm, Private Lessons, 3 time slots, up to 3 people each slot, 1 - 2 hours
299€ / lesson

Forward Stroke Technique Clinic

In the Forward Stroke Technique Clinic you will learn an effective forward stroke that will make you paddle faster and longer with less effort. 
  • Breakdown of the stroke on and off water

  • Tips and technical explanation of the stroke on water

  • Demonstrations of the forward technique

  • Application of the stroke on water

  • Drills to help improve technique

  • Personal feedback on your stroke

  • Instant Video feedback

  • Q&A

PRICE: 99€

2hrs (12 people limit)

Half Day Clinic

This half day clinic includes features of the Forward Stroke Technique Clinic and the Skills Clinic (see below). It goes more in depth with the theory of the stroke, technical stills and the different forms of racing. It also includes insights into beach starts, technical racing and strategy, paddling into wind, downwind paddling (if possible), wave riding, getting out through surf and much more!

Skills Clinic
  • Skills to improve your performance during competition

  • Focus on Starts, Turns, Wash Riding, Paddling into different winds

  • Information on how to competing against others

  • How to choose your equipment for different races

  • How to plan out your race strategy

  • Mindset when racing

  • Q&A

PRICE: 249€

6hrs (12 people limit)